JUNIPR is a full-service botanic design and garden studio. We offer creative designs for green roofs, blooming terraces, backyards, and indoor green spaces in New York. We specialize in fruit and vegetable cultivation so you can have fresh food and herbs right outside your window. 

We work with you and the conditions of your space to create a plant palette that will flourish in your garden. We also work with local artisans to craft custom furniture and planters to create a garden unique to you and your space.

JUNIPR also offers a variety of maintenance packages to nurture your garden throughout the season. 







CHELSEA WAGNER  Owner | Botanical Designer | Gardener

Growing up in a rural town called Eden, Chelsea was exposed to gardening and plant design at a young age. She spent summers helping her mother run a plant nursery and tending the family’s vegetable and flower gardens at home. 

From growing lush tropical gardens in Panamá to vegetable gardens in Buffalo to landscape art in Mexico, Chelsea has never stopped working with plants. These days she designs and cares for gardens on penthouse rooftops, in brownstone backyards, and indoor spaces across NYC. 

Chelsea has worked professionally in New York City’s garden industry for the past four years, taking some time to train at the New York Botanical Gardens along the way.